Fire Extinguisher Training


National Fire Protection Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Training Course.


The course is designed to introduce people to the understanding of fire hazards and ultimately how to deal with a fire emergency situation.




The course includes the following :


1. DVD Presentation which incorporates the following topics :


- Fire Facts

- Know your enemy

- Risk Assessment

- Fire Prevention

- Fire Response

- Fire Extinguishers

- Evacuation (including fire wardens)

2. Question and Answer session re-capping on the main points from the DVD and relating situations the workplace.


3. Practical Demonstration in which all participants are encouraged to extinguish a small controlled fire using CO2 extinguishers.

The training sessions can be tailored to cover specific client requirements or workplace activities.


Training sessions normally last approximately 1 hour and accomodate up to 15 people at a time.